Belfast Beer Bike


Belfast Beer Bike

  • Tour the streets of Belfast on a pedal powered belfast beer bike with comfy chairs
  • Bring your own alcoholic drinks on board
  • Duration: 1 hour (max 15 people per bike)
  • Note: smaller groups may share this activity with other groups/individuals
  • Sober driver/guide
  • Built in sound system with Bluetooth
  • Great way to exercise and sip beer around Belfast city centre
  • Opening hours  Mon-Sun  10am-10pm
  • Meeting point is in rosemary street (next to blinkers in bridge street) in Belfast city BT1 1QE
Party Plan


Please make sure to stay seated throughout  the activity unless instructed to stand. Accidents can be caused by jumping up and down.


Toilet breaks are scheduled and part of the tour as we don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable.


Only participants above the age of 18 will be allowed to drink and it is a bring your own drink tour.


Make sure you are not disturbing other people during your tour and please respect our city. Driver has the right to stop the tour at any time.

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If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to explore Belfast with your friends, family, or colleagues, then look no further than the Belfast Party Bike!